Rahul vaidya and prajakta shukre dating Sexy chat by lovers

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However, one thing is sure that if the voting is done solely on the perceived performance, more often than not right candidate would actually win as there are no biases coming into play.

Giant killer, Ravinder Ravi's miraculous run, to the shock of many, was continuing due to his emotional appeal. First he, like Prajakta, peaked too early, though unlike her, he kept the level of performance high.

Rahul Vaidya born on September 23, 1987 in Nagpur, India.

His father is an engineer in Maharashtra State Electricity Board.

Even then he lost out to dark horses like Abhijeet Sawant and his ex-room mate Amit Sana. The answer may not be a simple one, but it's not impossible to guess either.

So there is some or other emotion attached while voting.

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