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Convincing anyone of the truth will be impossible because the Visitors have two powerful weapons.First, they've given the people faith with their reassuring presence and gifts. Thousands of teens, including Erica's son, have been recruited as 'Peace Ambassadors' but they're actually serving as unwitting spies.Erica's violent introduction to the truth thrusts her into the resistance movement, where she joins forces with Ryan, a rogue alien driven to save humanity.She'll have to balance her covert activities with her job, and her role as a mother, fighting to protect her son Tyler even as he joins forces with the enemy.In the midst of the conflict, Roman, a 6-year-old Atrian boy, found his way to a shed behind Emery's house, where she protected him from harm, bringing him food, comfort - and friendship.In their brief time together, Emery and Roman forged a deep bond, but the authorities wasted no time tracking Roman down and capturing him in a violent confrontation.When Emery was 6 years old, an alien spacecraft crash-landed in her small town.

The eyes of the nation and the whole world are fixed on this historical social experiment, an endeavor fraught with suspicion and fear.

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Today, the world woke up to find spaceships over every major city. Most people believe the aliens have arrived just when we needed them most.

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