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Reynolds sold the brand to the John Middleton Tobacco Company, Limerick, PA, in 1987, who has been producing it ever since. I always loved going to visit Grandpa; I loved the scent of his pipe.Room note: pleasant, sweet, crowd pleasing, commonly draws remarks like: "Mmm! The tub does a fantastic job of keeping the tobacco just right, even over a long period of time (right now, I am finishing a tub I opened 14 months ago, and the moisture content is just fine. The "luxury" pouch is somewhat awkward and doesn't close well, making it difficult to keep the tobacco moist.In every case, a little hydration and even the open tins provided enjoyment for me.It was these finds that keep me looking through old tins.

The attention and care paid to selecting and curing our tobacco equals that of blending and finishing.) The blend is burley-based and remains one of America's top-selling pipe tobaccos. The brand is the basis of a practical joke, usually made in the form of a prank call. Reynolds after Edward VII, who was known as Prince Albert before being crowned King.I not only found pipes in the tins but also found old tobacco that was smokable as well.I have found tins of Dobie Four Square Green, Prince Albert, Half and Half, Flying Dutchman, Mac Barens Scottish Mixture, Amphora Brown and Red and others too numerous to mention all available for little cost.

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