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She eagerly awaits Jungo’s return from his coast-guard duties, skipping school to meet him when she sights his ship and accepting his frequent absences with almost wifely resignation.When she’s conversing with Jungo’s girlfriend, Komachi (Aoba Kawai), Hana’s surface cheeriness fails to disguise the steely resolve with which she asserts the primacy of her own blood relationship with Jungo, and the frightening intensity behind it as she asks if Komachi would die for Jungo as she would.Mostly, Asano is remembered with his character in Electric Dragon 80,000 V with the portrayal of Dragon Eye Morrison.

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Based on information from multiple sources, the newspaper says that Asano and Naka’s relationship was the casualty of both of their busy schedules, a common cause for showbiz breakups.

Upon arrival at the indicated location, they discover a massive dormant floating structure.

Alex and two crew members, GM2 Cora Raikes (Rihanna) and CPO "Beast" Lynch (John Tui), are sent to approach the structure in an armed Zodiac.

By Maggie Lee A piano teacher goes on a second honeymoon of sorts with her missing husband when he returns as a ghost in "Journey to the Shore," Kiyoshi Kurosawa's competent return to human drama in the vein of…

Back in February, FRIDAY had the surprising scoop that actor Asano Tadanobu (38) and actress Naka Riisa (23) were dating.

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