Sex on chatango

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They have the smallest amount of responsibility and they usually abuse said power and aren't held accountable for their actions, which are usually worse then the users.Unfortunately the lowest score here is one star, I'd be much happier giving them a lower score.

Not everyone is into talking dirty, some people just want to make friends.The sexual perverts are giving the site a bad name.The prosecution has rested its case at the trial of a woman charged in connection with the 2014 murder, dismemberment, and dumping of 53-year-old Michigan resident Christopher Regan in Iron County, MI.I would not suggest for anyone especially an adult to use this chat, it is filled with foul mouthed children starting at 13 that use offensive language and talk about disgusting topics both gay and straight.There is no respect for adults and actively disrespect each other even the staff and moderators act inappropriately popping in occasionally, not to do their job but to perpetuate the already staggering number of amoral comments being thrown around using the N word and Jewish short form in a extremely racist fashion as well as having user names of notorious German racists. I went on this site thinking its a site to meet other adults.

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