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The first video introduces us to Kitten Kollege, with some funny scenes of kittens in lecture halls and getting up to some naughty behavior while settling in.There are plenty of cat jokes (the college specializes in "string theory" and "thinking outside of the box") and nods to internet cat memes, as well as bundles of cuteness that will delight cat lovers.As students head back to college this Fall, Mars-owned cat food brand Whiskas has tapped into the season with a hilarious set of You Tube videos set in "Kitten Kollege." The Kitten Kollege You Tube channel, created by agency AMV BBDO in collaboration with Google and Mediacom, features content developed with comedy site College Humor, who managed the production and post-production.

The subject has attracted the attention of various scholars and critics, who have analysed why this form of low art has reached iconic status.

In fact, according to Ben Huh of the Cheeseburger Network, cats dominate the Internet.

Laughing at these felines is a good way to relieve stress and boredom when there is nothing interesting to do.

How long after you posted it did you start to see things go viral?

I knew it was going viral when all of Afghanistan was talking about it!

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