Validating scanner profiles

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Scanner profiling is the process of determining the precise color characteristics of a scanner or digital camera.Vue Scan uses IT8 targets (also called Q60 targets) to do this. You can also obtain IT8 targets from this source: Vue Scan normally reads and writes the ICC profile for the scanner using the file The series continues with Obtaining ICC profiles and building them with Monaco EZcolor (this page) and Evaluating printers and ICC profiles.Epson has released a new set of ICC profiles for the 2200 printer.

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However, ICC profiles can be applied later when processing the RAW files with Vue Scan.

To see if the profiling works correctly, you should set Color | Color balance to "Neutral".

The Color | Scanner IT8 data filename is only used in the profiling process. The settings in the color tab are not applied to RAW files.

Unofficial PCI Quarterly External Scan The Unofficial PCI Quarterly External Scan template creates a scan that simulates an external scan (PCI DSS 11.2.2) performed by . All other products or services are trademarks of their respective owners.

You might wonder why you would need to or want to calibrate and profile your flatbed or film scanner?

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