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The Browning Shop had begun a partnership with Winchester that would last the next 19 years. The 94 is without doubt the most famous of all deer hunting rifles in history. Model 1300 pistol grip models Model 70 Featherweight Ultra Grade Model 70 Lightweight carbine standard action Model 70 Lightweight mini-carbine short action Model 70 XTR Sporter Model 70 XTR Super Express Magnum Model 70 XTR Sporter Varmint Model 94 angle eject standard Big Bore carbine Model 9422 XTR rifle standard or magnum calibers Model 9422 XTR Classic rifle standard or magnum calibers Model 9422 Eagle Scout Limited Edition Model 9422 Boy Scouts of American Commemorative Model 1300 magnum Waterfowl Model 70 Ranger youth model carbine Model 1300 Ranger youth slide action Model 70 Ranger bolt action, standard action Model 94 Ranger lever action carbine Model 23 Classic Series -- Quail Special, Super, Pigeon, two barrel hunting set Model 23 Classic 12 gauge Model 23 Classic 20 gauge Model 23 Classic 28 gauge Model 23 Classic .410 gauge Model 23 Custom two barrel set Model 23 Golden Quail Model 23 Light Duck Model 94 120th Commemorative Anniversary Carbine Model 9422 "The Lady" Model 70 50th Anniversary Edition Model 70 Lightweight rifle longer barrel Model 70 "Win Tuff" "Win Cam" and "Win Lite" Model 94 Win Tuff carbine Model 94 long barrel rifle Model 9422 Win Cam .22 magnum Model 1300 Camo Pack 22" and 30" barrels Model 1300 Ranger Deer combination pack Model 1300 Ranger shotgun combination Model 70 Sporter 25-06, Model 70 Custom Super Grade 7mm Rem. Specially engraved anniversary models are offered to commemorate the most famous of all Winchester lever actions.

Of all the Winchesters, no rifle design has been revered more among hunters, collectors, target shooters and outdoor writers than the Model 70 with the Pre-'64 type action One Hundredth Anniversary of the Winchester Model 94 lever action.

Known as the "King of the .22's," the Model 52 has been called by Field & Stream one of "the 50 best guns ever made" and by Winchester historian Herbert Houze "perfection in design." However, by the 1970s the World War I-era design was showing its age and had given way in top-level competition to newer match rifles from Walther and Anschütz; the costly-to-produce Model 52, which had long been a loss leader prestige product by that time, was finally discontinued when US Repeating Arms took over the manufacture of Winchester rifles from Olin Corporation in 1980.

During World War I Winchester's management determined that production of the Model 1885 Single Shot would not be resumed in centerfire chamberings after the war, nor in .22 rimfire (the "Winder musket") after existing Army training rifle contracts were fulfilled or cancelled.

Oliver Winchester buys control of New Haven Arms Company and changes name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. In the spring of 1883, rights to the Model 1878 Single Shot, (later called the Model 1885), were purchased by T. In addition, no rifle came to symbolize the romance of the West more that the Winchester Model 94. Often called "The Gun that Won the West." Its design and effectiveness is so superior that it remains one of the most popular deer rifles in the world.

Model 1866 "Yellow Boy lever action introduced -- first gun to bear the Winchester name. Model 94 angle eject Winchester & Colt Commemorative set Model 1300 Featherweight pump shotgun, 12 ga. Model 94 Custom Limited Edition Centennial Model 94 Limited Edition Grade I and High Grade Model 70 Classic Custom Sharpshooter .220 Swift Model 70 Classic Super Express .416 Rem. Model 70 Heavy Varmint .220 Swift Model 70 Classic DBM .284 Win.

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In fact, the model 1300 was a slightly modified version of the previous Winchester model 1200 shotgun, which was manufactured by Olin /Winchester between 19.In February 1918 the company assigned designers Thomas Crosley Johnson and Frank Burton to begin work on the new match rifle.Johnson had more experience with bolt actions than most at Winchester (which was then primarily a maker of lever- and pump-action firearms), having superintended production of the P-14/M1917 Enfield, as well as having designed a series of prototype military rifles known as Models A through D.It was initially hoped that the Army could be persuaded to buy a bolt-action smallbore training rifle in addition to-or in place of-its existing contracts for Model 1885's.Yet despite the outward appearance of its early versions, the Model 52 was never a military rifle, as the Army only purchased 500 of the initial production for trial, and never placed a bulk order.

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